FW and ower first sucses full raid

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FW and ower first sucses full raid Empty FW and ower first sucses full raid

Post  kushkan on Sat Jul 05, 2008 9:18 am

hija,s fiday 4 juli me and exe joined a raid of frigs cruisers and 1 battel cruiser

niether of use where fleetcomanders but we thoug wtheck lets try this out exe had a fancy ceptor and i had a fancy electronic warfair frig

in the miltia chat we saw someon calling for ceptors and other fast t2 t1 frigs
so we joined and set course to the meeting point there we meetet up whit the others and soon we had 20 man

20:30 eve time we startet ower raid whe where fast and mobile

soon we found ower first target a caldarie bs of to opeside faction jumped straight into ower frig fleet dident took long and he lost his ship and his pod

we warpt soon to a planet to cool off that agresion countdown
horbly we watched local
holy shit 98 ppl minus 22 ower fleet and all red o god
but ower fleet comander had a plan send on ceptor alinghed to a gate and let him fly towards it on full mwd speed the rest of the fleet target that person and keep on warping onto him by now the enemy where using probes to pin point use down
and after some minuts a very very large fleet warp at use aprox 300 km ordoer was given and we fled jump trough some gates to seprate there fast fleet from there slow one 2-3 jump futher we stoped and prepaired to kill there fast fleet ower recon on teh other side spotet them but the where not bitting so we pulled in the drones and jumped futher after some jumps we ran straight into a gate camp of some small ships

big o crap moment

we soon slaped ower selfs seeing that the where in a simlar set up but whita few lesser man so we engaged >.< minute whe did that the cowards fled and jumped trough the gate

we broke of and went back to high sec where i left becours it was getting late Razz
and i had to test how fast my hearth was beating LOL Razz


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