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House Ordos Recruitment Empty House Ordos Recruitment

Post  Executrix on Mon Sep 15, 2008 4:13 pm

Imperial House Ordos Corporation is now recruiting new members.

All of you out there,young or old,experienced or unexperienced can apply to join to our glorious corp.However,there are 3 basic requirements that are needed to be fulfilled before joining us and there are as following:

1.) Players on trial accounts are not accepted under any circumstances.You need to play more then 15 days and have a paying account ;
2.) Players who are less then 18 years old in real life will not be accepted as well.You need to have exactly 18 or more years to be able to join us as Ordos corp policy and The Ordos Supreme Directive don't allow any immature behaviour and will suspend such if it occurs ;
3.) Players who are by Yulai's Convention deemed as pirates,having a security status of equal -1.0 or less will be declined to join us.

Also,from every new recruit it is expected that he/she is ready for team work and is able to express its loyalty and honesty towards all corporation members.

Before accepting any new applications from our applicants,he/she must first speak either to me or any director (Kushkan,lydashi) within our corp in order to answer to a few questions that are needed so that our corp database can have a detailed info about all of its members.

And in the last,if you fulfill all of the above requirements to join our corporation,please feel free to join our recruitment channel -EXE- in game and have a word with all of us before you become our newest member.

Supremacy of House Ordos is the only consideration.

We are Ordos.
We are One.

- Executrix,CEO of Imperial House Ordos -

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House Ordos Recruitment Empty how

Post  MIKE on Wed Jun 01, 2011 8:09 am

so how?


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